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The mission of The Second Movement is to create a concert environment that engages musicians with our community as performers, teachers, and advocates of the arts. By embracing the evolving and expanding role of the musician, we aim to form a sustainable foundation for our art form, whereby each performance contributes to the value of the arts in our society.

Created shortly after the concert series that shares its name, the Second Movement Ensemble is composed of musicians who each have strong ties to New Haven, both as performers and teachers. Similarly to our concert series, we hold all of our performances in non-traditional venues, including art galleries, a black-box theater inside a vintage shop, a library, and cafes.  Our intent is to reclaim a sense of approachability to our art form, while simultaneously attracting new audiences.  


We operate on the principal that the audience is the most important part of a performance, equalled only by the music itself. This idea infiltrates each of our events; by building on existing relationships with our educational community, we aim to create new audience members for our art form.  Furthermore, by creating an open, 'two-way' concert experience, whereby the audience truly feels connected to the performers and the music, we aim to sustain and preserve that audience.  


We are the ensemble-in-residence for the Second Movement Concert Series, and this year we are expanding further into the greater New Haven area.  For specific questions, including booking information, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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