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The mission of The Second Movement is to create a concert environment that engages musicians with our community as performers, teachers, and advocates of the arts. Amidst the evolving and expanding role of the musician, we aim to form a sustainable foundation for our art form, whereby each performance contributes to the value of the arts in our society.

Dedicated to creating fresh experiences of chamber music performance in our community, The Second Movement Concert Series brings some of today's most inspiring and creative artists to New Haven. Taking performances out of the concert hall and into our community's common spaces, such as art galleries, cafes, and libraries, we aim to revive and enhance some of the approachability that classical music has lost in recent years.

The Second Movement is founded on the vision of the musician playing an integral role of the culture in his/her community, and vice versa. Therefore, in addition to providing professional-quality performances, we also showcase a local group of music students on every concert. Prior to each concert, our student groups are coached on their music by that event's featured performers!

Amidst an increasing number of challenges today, musicians are consistently searching for a stable basis to practice and grow in their art form.  Our goal is to provide that firm ground to stand on by designing each performance as one that strives for the highest in artistic quality, but also directly contributes to the value of the arts in our community.

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