Support for The Second Movement

From our students ...

I made a new goal: to work harder so that someday, I may become a better musician. 

-8th grade student, Truman School

I learned that people can express themselves by composing and making music.

-6th grade student, Truman School

I learned about teamwork.

-8th grade student, Truman School

Number of public concerts we will perform in 2017/18
Number of students we reached in 2016-17
Number of students we will reach in 2017-18
Number of musicians we will hire to perform in 2017-18
Percentage of our budget received from individual donations






After our final concert of the 16/17 season, students had the chance to tell us their thoughts.  Here is what they said:

By the numbers ...

If you are interested, here are some of the specific costs of making all of the above happen, and the average percentage of our budget that each takes.  Click on the image to enlarge.