In October of 2017,  The Second Movement is excited to begin its newest partnership with Natalie Jimenez and her orchestra students at the Ross Woodward Classical Studies Magnet School in New Haven.  Our format for this partnership will mirror that of our work with the Truman School, and is particularly exciting because this will be our first partnership with a string music program.


   - Awaken students to their natural abilities to intuitively hear and experience music.

   - Deepen this instinctive experience by teaching active listening.

   - Teach students to turn their active listening skills into performance skills.

   - Bring students on stage to perform side-by-side with us at our public concerts.  

By teaching students to perform to a public audience, we use the arts as a vehicle help young people find their voice.  We aim for no less than  a radical transformation of our students' relationships with music, the arts, and their community.  

For details about our next concert, click here!

Bora Kim, David Perry, and Yevgeny Yontov performing at the Truman School

The Ross Woodward Classical Studies Magnet School