The Second Movement is an artist-led chamber music collective based in New Haven, Connecticut.  For four years, we have nurtured innovative collaborations between professional musicians and under-resourced students, understanding that their rights to the arts will not be realized without direct action. Through a coordinated approach to individual instruction, interactive school performances, and approachable public concerts, we aim to diversify and expand the existing audience for classical music.

We know we must reach into the lives of people who are excluded from the classical music community, both as performers and audience members, in order to earn their trust. We go beyond the typical outreach model,  engaging boldly and repeatedly with our students in their schools, ultimately teaching them to perform to a public audience.  In this manner, we can use the arts as a vehicle help young people find their voice.  For more information on our school partnerships, please click here.

We select and perform music as a direct response to the inequity and prejudice that exists in our society with the aim of invigorating community participation in these issues. Music has a powerful ability to contribute an empathetic, humanizing voice to a world that hears the public discourse growing increasingly cold and divisive.  To learn more about our 2017-18 season, At the Edge of Society, please click here.

The Second Movement is a fiscally sponsored program of Fractured Atlas, Inc.  In addition to their knowledge and support, we are grateful to accept tax-deductible donations through them.  Click the logo below to donate now or to learn more.