The Second Movement began life as a concert series hiring established chamber music groups to give exciting and accessible concerts in downtown New Haven.  In an effort to demonstrate music education in action, we also featured a different group of New Haven public school students performing on each concert.  While the students received a warm and enthusiastic response from our audience, this format was not letting us make the deep community connections we desired.

Now in our third season, we are an artist-led chamber music collective that creates and nurtures collaborations between professional musicians and disadvantaged students in New Haven, building upon the understanding that our students’ right to the arts will not be realized without direct action.  Through a coordinated approach to individual instruction, interactive school performances, and approachable public concerts, we aim to diversify and expand the existing audience for classical music.

Yevgeny Yontov teaching Truman students how the piano works.
After a concert at Artspace New Haven. From left: Isabella Mensz, Mélanie Clapiès, Tim Gocklin, An-Lin Bardin, David Perry, and Matheus Garcia Souza
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HUB New Music (Boston) will present their program 'Pushing Boundaries' as our guests on April 15, 2017.
One of our proudest moments: featuring a student piano trio from Music Haven.
Violinist Mélanie Clapiès and cellist Yan Levionnois
Former cellist Yan Levionnois mentoring a Neighborhood Music School student.
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Our artistic goal is to perform music as a direct response to the inequities and prejudices existing in our society and to invigorate community participation in these issues. In a world where the public discourse is growing more divisive and cold, music has a powerful ability to contribute a compassionate and empathetic voice.  To hear previous recordings, please click here.

Our educational goal is to reach into the lives of people who are excluded from the classical music community, both as performers and audience members.  In order to earn the trust of disenfranchised members of society, we go beyond the typical outreach model,  engaging boldly and repeatedly with our students in their schools.  Furthermore, by teaching students to perform to a public audience, we use the arts as a vehicle help young people find their voice.  For more information on our school partnerships, please click here.

The Second Movement celebrates the evolving and expanding role of the musician in modern society by fully embracing the practices of music performance, education, and arts advocacy, so that we may create and nurture a musical community that reflects the diverse and equitable world in which we desire to live. 

Our Mission: