Just as the lifeblood for any artist is his or her community, the very heart of our work is the partnership we form between Second Movement musicians, public school teachers, and students.  For three years, we have nurtured collaborations between professional musicians and under-resourced students in New Haven.  Built upon the understanding that direct action is required to ensure that everyone's right to the arts is realized, our educational programming is designed to support a diverse and inclusive artistic community.

Through a series of interactive performance workshops, we teach students to embrace their natural, intuitive listening abilities, to practice active listening, and finally, to turn those listening skills into performance practice.  The opportunities for life learning through chamber music are not limited to the artistic, but also include such valuable skills as teamwork, flexible thinking, and persistence, as well as compassion, empathy, and self-confidence.  In 2017, five students joined us to perform for their fellow students at their school, and in 2018, we will invite them on stage with us during our final public concert.

David Perry (left) and Yevgeny Yontov performing at the Truman School

Our newest partnership, beginning in October 2017!